Matosinhos: World’s Best Fish

If you’re an international horse rider, and you’re coming to the CSI Frente Atlântica, you have to get to know the beautiful city of Matosinhos.

Matosinhos offers the supreme delight of leisure that oscillates between land and sea, in a cult of physical and psychological health, as a seasoning, for rest, for observation, for the exhilarating joy of sports, the personality of those who practices in scenarios of rare beauty.

The gastronomy of Matosinhos is considered one of the main tourist products in the country, being part of the most varied itineraries and guides for gastronomic promotion from north to south of the country.

Matosinhos is inevitably, sea, beach, surfing, diving, movement, and sport, offering a vast and unique coastline where the green is lost in the blue.

Take time during CSI Frente Atlântica to be a tourist in Matosinhos.

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